Examples of Items we love <3

· Dresses-Slip (one of our favorite things to see) Baby Doll, retro maxi and, vintage midi dresses.

· Band tees and vintage tees(almost always accept)

· clothing from or inspired by different Eras (90's is our favorite)

· Cheetah print, zebra print,basically any animal print!

· Gingham, Plaid, a vintage floral,interesting textiles,fluffy and fuzzy things as well <3

· True Vintage (not a blouse from Chico’s that is 7 years old)

· Vintage designer pieces (our favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood)

· Currant Designer pieces, Note: we do not price it for exactly what you bought it for. It is Consignment!!

· Skater Shoes and brands- For our guy section <3

· Platforms boots, just any funky shoe or bag

· Skirts- fit and flare, pleated, vintage style midi and maxi, formal

· Jeans- Levi and Wrangler , high wasted jeans  or early 2000s low rise, Jeans that are on trend (Not 2016 american eagle type of jeans ).

· Anything that you look at and think, I NEED THIS! Try to remember back to when you bought the item you are trying to consign

· Consignors that shop here!! If you love the clothes that are already in the shop than we will most likely love the clothes in your closet! If you do not take the time to look around to see the style we accept or can never really find anything you like, then we probably do not have the same taste. Let us both save each other’s time!!

Items we DO NOT accept!

Please Curate before consigning!!

Note: once in a while we make exceptions if we like the style of the piece. For example we don't usually accept Talbots but if a blouse fits our style we will consider it

· No more than ONE bag per consignor- Note we have a very small storage room and space we cannot fit your whole closet.

· Active wear (Clothes you work out in)

· Unwashed Clothing- Please bring pieces that are clean, nobody wants anything with stains or an odor to it.

· Brands such as- Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Old Navy, The Limited, NewYork and Company, Chico’s, Talbots (you get the idea)

· No bras, or underwear (obviously but you would be surprised what we have seen)

· Things that are not in season (We do not want to see heavy coats when it is 100 degrees out or shorts when it is snowing)

· Men’s dress shirts or khakis that you have over 50 of. If it is not unique in your closet it wont be in the store.

· Wedding dresses bridesmaids or mother of the bride gowns. (we do not have enough room and they are very hard to move

· Prom dresses

· Coach purses

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